4DL.info is web application that provides a way for the average webmaster to promote his/hers website in web directories.
Manual web directory submission services usually take weeks to complete. On the other hand, automatic submissions take few hours to complete. Of course, nothing is perfect and most automatic submissions usually lack in quality.

Most Web directories forbid automatic directory submissions by using a image verification as part of the check.
4DL is different from all the others automatic submission software out there.

4DL.info is an innovative automatic website submission tool that runs right from your browser. Easily submit your website to a huge list of web directories. This is done automatically at a click of a button.

What do we have to offer as part of our automatic website submission tool:

  • No need to install any software. Just submit your site online and see it being submitted to all those directories
  • 100% Automatic submissions
  • Breaks captcha verifications. Failed ones can be later retried.
  • Improved category detection algorithm. In case a web directory doesn't have the category you chose, 4DL will choose a near alternative
  • Close the submission process at any time. Resume it later
  • Generate a html and pdf submissions reports
4DL.info comes as a solution to the increasingly number of websites that the internet holds. Increase your website popularity and take advantage of all the benefits that website submissions have to offer!

Manual Directory Submission

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Free submission service

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    We are offering free submission service to 200 webdirectories. Get a complete submission report afterward. CMS: J,D,W

What's going on?

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    Our servers bare a huge load

    Since we launched we have made over 30000 unique submissions to various webdirectories. We have broke over 10000 captcha image codes.