First thing I want to mention is this is an article for the "common man." If you're a SEO god, this isn't for you, but feel free to read it anyway. During this article I will be using BROAD terms about certain areas of SEO.

Now on with the article.

AdWords = Keywords = search terms (Or if you prefer ... it's all related)

Let's talk about what "AdWords" really mean to someone with a real estate website. You can be real estate investor, real estate agent, mortgage broker, pool man, or anybody that has anything to do with any service on the Internet. What you need to know about AdWords, quite honestly, is they have value.

They value they hold is by the manner in which these words are selected. If you're a seasoned Internet savvy website owner, you know exactly what AdWords are.

If you're not a savvy website builder, programmer or HTML geek, you may think that AdWords are this mystical thing that's out there that basically prevents Joe common guy from doing anything to make money on the internet. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Now, I think I need to point something out at this point; I have never paid for a paid advertisement or pay per click campaign ever! However, I do use AdWords, every single day.

So the question now should be "Doc, if you don't pay for your advertising, what you use Ad-words for? The answer, my friends research.

The way I use ad works, quite simply is. I go ahead and look online, in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN and type in a search for my product... Let's say I'm looking for real estate in San Diego. I will go ahead log into Google and type in "real estate in San Diego."

I will notice who comes up first for those search works. Once I've located the heavy hitters using those "search words/keywords I typed in. I then use a software product that shows me the AdWords that this website has paid for.

Here is the thing about having people pay for AdWords. When they pay for AdWords they're paying for the research that goes behind it. The very reason AdWords are selected is due to the frequency that internet users have search the internet for products using those words in the search engines.

Companies then "bid" online in order to secure those "high searched words" for any online advertising they choose to do. Once they have secured these Keywords...they then use them in Pay per click advertising campaigns. (Every time someone clicks on an advertisement the company who is running the ads pays the website on which the ad was featured on.)

Some companies spend several hundred thousand dollars a day on this type of advertising, it goes without saying, you don't spend that much unless you're making more than that. In short, if you know the AdWords/Keywords that people are using to search for your product/niche, you can increase your traffic to your website.

The best part of this is you can do this research all on your own, all you need is the tools to find out the AdWords/Keywords that your competitor is using. I have used several different Ad word/Keyword tools in the past understanding the AdWords/Keywords can help you go a long way in increasing your online revenue.

Doc Schmyz has worked with investors all over the US and Canada. His website shares Real estate investing information for all over the US.


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