In many different businesses web designers are not hired just for web site developing. A business owner has actually three option to build their business website. First one is to hire a professional web designer for developing the web site and maintaining it, second one is to make efforts to build your website around a Content Management System (CMS) and third and last one is to do it all by yourself with the help of a Site Builder.

    The options you have ahead of you when choosing to develop a website

    1. Hire a developer for website development and maintenance: Only those entrepreneurs who have sufficient budget can hire a web developer, because overall this is rather expensive. Without any doubt this is the simplest way to start and have a website but there are major drawbacks that make this suggestion not be our first choice. You will probably end up having various products, and lists of employees that you need to pay.

    2. Use a Content Management System (CMS): A web developer can build your site around a CMS. Before installing a CMS, you must identify key business goals that you want to achieve. These goals can be defined around parameters like efficiency, productivity, ROI, or branding, and quality. The developer customizes a template and adds content and images on the site for you. CMS systems are great in terms of how easy it is for anyone to add or update content. The Joomla CMS also comes with a WYSIWYG editor which makes things even better. Any user with sufficient privileges on the site can make basic changes like adding announcements and/or upcoming events. If you can work in applications like Word or if you know how to use Yahoo email then you will be able to navigate around the cms system like a pro in notime.

    Many CMS users decide to make eCommerce Sites out of their CMS. If you know something about Zen Cart or other shopping cart systems then you can also make this jump and use the CMS as a eCommerce Site. We suggest you first hire a design expert to design your web site and a capable person for inventory and reports, sales etc. You might find different templates that will instantly change the whole look and feel of your website. A professional designer can change that template in just few hours. By doing this you will have an unique site design at minimum cost.

    3. Using Site Builder: You can easily build and manage your web site(s) with the help of Site Builder because it also offers a WSYWIG editor. You will find many templates that can be applied according to your requirements; you can manage and modify photos, create Guest Books, feedback pages, and do lots more depending on the Site Builder built in featres.

    You can easily change the look of your web site, the logo, images, content and many others.

    A Big Suggestion: You should keep your website up to date because Google likes dynamic sites. These sites usually get better rankings in the search engines. Never leave your website as it is for a long time, and always make some changes, no matter how small. You can add news, announcements, feed back, etc.


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