If you are in the search for a powerful Content Management System (CMS) then we come to your aid with Drupal. Drupal is one of the most wanted tools worldwide. There are many advantages of using it over other CMSs:

  • easy application development
  • module development
  • free CMS

    Now you are probably thinking about using it, or at least trying the script for a while. In this article you will find three basic yet important steps that you must follow when developping a Drupal site.

    1. Select a reliable and affordable web hosting

    When you decided to use Drupal CMS for your website, the next step should be the selection of reliable Drupal-specialized hosting that can provide you best hosting services. If you are a beginner then try to choose cheaper web hosting services, and as your site grows you will feel when it's time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

    2. Installing Drupal

    Drupal installation process is easy. First you download the Drupal script from Drupal.org and upload it to your web hosting directory. The install itself is done via a WEB url. You just have to type this URL in your Browser and the system will guide you through some steps. You need to create a Database which will be used by Drupal. You will be asked about the database details during the installation.

    Now, due to the fact that many people are asking for Drupal, some web hosting service providers even made it part of their service package. This means that you will be able to setup a Drupal site in seconds.

    3. Selecting the appropriate theme

    Everyone wishes to have an attractive and charming theme for their website. This will make the website itself better looking. Some people with adequate knowledge of CSS and PHP are creating their own theme. If you do not have enough knowledge of CSS and PHP you have the option of downloading free themes from the internet. Most people choose to download a theme that seems right for their needs and then make few small changes so that the site itself is unique. If you want to download some free themes just visit drupal.org/project/Themes/.

    After following above steps you can become the owner of a Drupal site but you must be aware that some great features havenít been included with your default Drupal installation. To upgrade your website and add more features you need to have some basic knowledge of how modules work, if you want to do so just visit at drupal.org/project/Modules. If you are a beginner you might not need additional modules for your website as it already works well and provides for all your needs.


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