1. How do I submit my website?
Submitting a site is very easy. Just follow the outlined steps as shown in this video.

2. Why is this called the automatic directory submitter?
After you have submitted your website, 4DL will automatically submit it to a list of hundreds of web directories. 4DL.info will send your site to the closest category.

3. What happens if a web directory has captcha?
4DL.info breaks captcha image codes. If by any chance it doesn't break the code in the first try, it will try it again and again.

4. How much time does a submission take to complete?
The directory submission service can take 2 hours to complete. You can simply minimize the window and carry on with something else whilst 4dl works its magic. However, you can take your time and do the submission over a long time period.

5. How soon will I see the results?
For some web directories, it can take up to a month or even more until a moderator reviews your submission. On the other hand there are web directories that will instantly approve your website. Google picks up those links but at the same time he picks another hundred links from the same site. It will take a long time for your new link to be considered by Google.
The first visible results will be the following:
a) You will get tons of emails asking you to confirm your email.
b) In your awstats you will see a huge spike of unique visitors.
Long time results:
If the submission service is done right, in time, you will get organic traffic from the search-engines.

6. How many directories is it safe to submit to per day?
We recommend you do the submission over a longer period of time.
The system does allow you to pause your projects whenever you wish and then restart at any time so there is no problem, you are in total control of this. We recommend you submit to a maximum of 50 web directories per day.

7. Is this available as a software?
We offer the 4DL service on your windows pc. Download it here.

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