Starting online is really a pain if you don't have a lot of patience. There are a lot of things that you need to do and mostly you have to read and read and read in order to learn more. Sure you can find some opportunities that will give you promises of whatsoever high returns but some things are easier said than done. Joining an opportunity is just the first step towards this journey. The next step is harder than just finding what opportunity you will get yourself into. That is advertising your opportunity so others will know about it. No matter how good the opportunity is in our hand if we don't know a way to let others know about it then its useless and we will not earn from it.

Having said all that there are so many ways that we can do online to promote our program. One of which is forum posting. And I will tell you how this thing works. Forum is one way to promote your business and indulge social nature at the same time. You should be smart enough though to choose which forum you will get yourself involve to. It should be something of similar interest to what you offer or what program you have. For example if you are involve in a program that sells perfumes you will not want to go to a forum that talks about cars. Otherwise your effort will just be useless as people in that place is interested in cars and not in perfumes. So you see what I mean? That is how you will find a forum to join to. Find a place with the same niche as what you have so you will have a better chance of advertising your product. To find a forum with similar interest just type a keyword related to what you offer. In our example we have used perfume as our product so go to your favorite search engine and search the keyword "perfume forum". This is just an example of a keyword. You can use something else, be creative enough with your keywords. You will see different forums that you may want to check from that search.

Now we should be aware that there is a right way and a wrong way to promote your business a forum. Going to one, joining and putting in blatant advertisement about what you have will not be helpful to you. Remember that a forum is an avenue for exchange of free ideas and people in this area is not interested in being sold to in about right away. You should build a reputation first in order for people to trust you and then they will have to look at what you have to offer. There are some ways that you have to follow here.

1. First that you have to do in a forum is check on their rules on what is allowed to be posted and what is not. Every forum has their own regulations so it differs from one place to another. Try to introduce yourself and make friends with the people there and then try to follow the conversations that got your interest and offer your ideas or expertise about the issue or topic. What you are doing here is building a "relationship selling" and not product selling. Forum promotions are about selling yourself as an industry expert with a wide variety of knowledge to share and not about selling your actual product. It will just follow later on once you already build a good reputation in the area.

2. If you are just new in this industry then try to learn from everybody. Join the discussion and ask whatever you want to know. Build a relationship with everyone that's in the area. Chances are many experts will be more than happy to help you and you will be able to create a business relationship with everyone. Its a good start to familiarize yourself with everything that is going around. Then later on you will be the one to give advise and tips to others. Don't stop reading. It is the key to being an expert. Read and read and read and apply what you learn from all those readings.

3. Forum signature. If you are just new to this online world then you will wonder what is a forum signature and how do you do it? Before we go further on what this is all about let me tell you something, this is one of the most important thing that you should learn first before you start your conversation with anyone in the forum. Ok, now lets proceed at knowing what is it. Searching at my search engine I came up with this result. "A signature block (often abbreviated as signature, sig block, sig file, .sig, dot sig, siggy, or just sig) is a block of text automatically appended at the bottom of an e-mail message, Usenet article, or forum post. This has the effect of "signing off" the message and in a reply message of indicating that no more response follows. It is common practice for a signature block to consist of one or more lines containing some brief information" (taken from wikipedia)

Having said that, what you need to do then is then put a few words about what you have to offer and make sure to link it to a website containing more infos. Now every time that you post no matter if its just a question to ask others, people will see your sig file and then that's how you will have your program advertised. Check on every forum on how many links you can put to your signature. It varies on every forum so be sure to check on it every time. So the next thing to do now is participate more often in the conversations so your siggy will be more visible to others and then you will have better chances of having a traffic to your site and then convert it to sales or whatever that you want that traffic for.

So now that you have a better understanding of how forum works, its time for you to take action and apply what you have learned. If you have some more questions don't hesitate to post a note here. Good luck and happy forum posting.

Starting a business in the internet is really a pain if you don't know what you are doing or how to do it right. It will create a lot of so much wasted time for you. That is why I have created a place where everyone can share tips and ideas on how to make the most of it and how to succeed. If you are a motivated individual who knows a lot and want wants to share your ideas then join us. If you are somebody who is looking for more infos about online money making then join us as well. This is the right place for you. Visit us at


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