It was not that long ago that the Internet was used as a way of keeping in touch with one's family by the use of email. Nowadays it had become much more than that, the Internet had become a way for many people to make their primary income, some use the Internet just as a way to suppliment their income, either way it is a very good way to make money. Some have named it as the 'Internet Revolution' There are many stories about the dot com millionaires and the overnight success's and if you start to read all of the hype you will be suckered into this unreal world.

Make no bones about it, the Internet marketing world can be hard, it is tough to get a profitable business off the ground, Internet Marketing Entrpreneurs have to be tough and prepared to put in the time and work involved before they see the benefits, many fail and fail big time. I have many friends that have failed and the biggest reason is simply not acting on the knowledge they have, the knowledge that is often freely available on the Internet. Many strategies work and work well, but they will only work if you take action.

Internet Business in a nutshell..

The first thing you need to know is that gossip is the best tool you have to control your destiny, if you can control the Internet gossip around the niche you are looking to earn from then you have cracked the nut, you will enjoy the success in that market. You have to try and control it in a way that is positive - as if it goes the other way then it is nigh on impossible to reverse it and you have to move on to something else. Bad gossip will kill your business overnight.

What do I mean by the above statement? well you have to understand that there is no quick way to make money online, not in a way that will last, not in a way that will give you a sustainable income for years to come. If you employ some dodgy methods, known as scams, you will soon be on the run. You cannot put out second rate products or false claims without someone, someday finding out and exposing you to the Internet world, this is fact and believe me or not you will come unstuck and find yourself with a reputation damaged beyond all repair.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, that is one of my favourite sayings and it is oh so true, whilst reading some of these overnight success stories that are probably a load of bolony remember this, to become successful on the Internet you need to do your home work, get over the failures and there will be failures, then research some more. If the overnight stories are true then they are true because the marketer involved has done all of the above, they have failed, they have worked hard and they have succeeded,

So if you think that there is a pot of gold on the internet and that you just need to find the quick or sneaky way to get your hands on it, I suggest you don't bother, you are wasting your time, rather treat is as a business and work at it, the rewards are real and can be life changing, but not without work and hard work at that. This comes from someone who used to put in 18 hour days at his keyboard.

enjoy - to your success
Paul Kirk


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