I am going to tell you about the one thing that any Internet Marketer, affiliate marketer or anyone wanting to make money online cannot replace or do without, it is quality traffic, there is absolutely no point in have a fancy website with a ton of great information or the best products available if no-one sees it... What do I mean by quality traffic? simple, there is no point in you getting someone who is an avid dog lover coming to your mycats.com website, they will simply hit that back button. There is no point in a soccer fan visiting a website about cricket, they will simply look for the quickest way to get out of there.

Yes, you have achieved one thing, you got a visitor, but if they don't buy something from you or at the very least sign up for your newsletter then what is the point? there is none. You need to get MR. Dog Lover to your allabboutdogs.com website because he is going to more likely, give you his hard earned cash
or sign up for yout 7 part training newsletter. You need to get Mrs. I Love Gardening to visit your GardeningTips.net website as she will more than likely click on your affiliate link to go get a bag of grass seeds from Amazon. Maybe these are a little extreme, but not really, that is exactly what quality traffic is, relevance, relevance, relevance.

What many people fail to understand or get to grips with is zero traffic = zero profit. Spending all their time making the perfect sales page, making it look like the best thing since sliced bread, that again is all very well and good but you have to get people to it and they have to be the right people.

So, I hear you ask, just how the hell do I get this magic traffic to visit my site? Well, there are many ways, at least ten different ways to get traffic to your website. The most popular and in my opinion the best way is through search engine, either with organic search results or with the use of ppc, this you have to pay for but if you know what you are doing it can be mind blowing the amount of traffic that can be generated and that traffic will be targetted traffic because you are in control of where to whom your ads are shown.

Another extremely efficient way to get targetted traffic to your site is by the use of article marketing, many webmaster have not got the time to write their own content and they rely on large article directories for that content, they have to leave the article intact as part of the terms of use of that article directory. The visitor reading the article will hopefully want to know more and will click on your link at the end of your article. Very efficient and cost nothing eccept your time to write that content.

You can also use web directories, this can be very time consuming but will work, the benefit of links into your site is not only for the immediate traffic you get but the more links you have into your site the better your results with the search engines will be, the more links you have the more 'important' you are seen as by them.

All traffic takes time to generate, it is the one thing that all Internet Marketers know, without it we are dead in the water, period...

If you learn how to generate traffic then the rest will be easy by comparison and you will probably be successful at Internet marketing.

To your success
Paul Kirk


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