Without a doubt the best source of traffic on the internet today is organic search engine traffic. this traffic is free and will give you the best conversion rates if you are selling something. You might not have to pay for this traffic technically, but you have to do quite a bit of work to get it, especially if you want a lot of traffic which obviously you do, the more the better right?

Now let me say this right off the bat, if you think that SEO will give you rapid or overnight traffic then you are mistaken, it can take months, if not years to generate the kind of traffic needed to make a website truly successful.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a massive subject and is different for each of the search engine, they all use different algorithm's to decide which pages to rank and how high. Apart from the people who are closely involved we will never know for sure what these algorithm's are. That said there are some basic SEO techniques that we can use that are believed to be universal. Here are just three of them.

SEO Basics Step 1: Keyword Research: Whatever you want to sell on your website, be it train sets or ladies handbags you have to first of all select the keyword that you are going to optimize the site for, ie: the Train Sets site might be 'Hornby Single Gauge' or 'Figure of Eight Train Set', you must ensure that your keyword or keyword phrases are relevant to the site and to the market you are aiming for.

SEO Basics Step 2: Content is King. Once you have decided on your keyword or keyword phrase, you need to start to create your content, this needs to be content that contains the keyword/s and it needs to be unique, you will not get anywhere by simply copying someone elses words, the se's (search engines) are wise to that and have been for some time. Also do not try to get several keywords in one page, this is very difficult to do successfully, you need to (it is believed) have aroung 300 to 500 words per page with about 1.5percent to 2 percent of the chosen keyword scattered through each page, so for a 500 page article you need the keyword to be in there about 8 to 13 times, that way the article will not be seen as spammy, make sure also that the keyword is part of the title and the page name, also add it near the end of the page too. Take the time to ensure that the article makes sense and has good information, if your visitors simply click of your page within seconds because it is not relevant or not good reading, believe me the se's will know that and your site will be penalized for it.

SEO Basics Step 3: Back Links : So you have your keyword/s and you now have good 'written for real people' content that's it right? wrong, you now need to get a ton of back links into the site. This is the real time consuming part and it needs to be done correctly. You need links to your site from authority sites in the niche you have chosen, by that I mean that it is no good you having links form a pizza shop to your Train Set website, there is no relevance, if you can you also want links from high PR sites, a good place to find this is by searching for forums in your niche then you can have your sites url in your sig link. You can submit to link directories and this does work well but it is time consuming as I mentioned above.

In truth there is no short cuts to this, but, if you stick with it and do it right you will get the results you need and you will learn that SEO is vital to any websites success.

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To Your Success

Paul Kirk


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