Sometimes you need to look at the facts of life in the Information Superhighway. There are ways to attract visitors to your website and there are ways to make money from the visitors you attract to your website. Many of the small business owners I work with feel confused and a bit abused by the online business system. I don't think anyone got into the online business world with the idea that they were going to spend lots of money each month for several years to make less than the neighborhood paper boy. If you feel that you are stuck in online income limbo, here are a few tools you should be using every day to boost your ability to generate traffic online. Article Marketing If you decide to promote your website by distributing your articles online, you must be prepared to put in the time to create at least 300 articles over as short a period of time as you can. This effort will allow you to build your back links to your leads generating page. To generate traffic online with your articles, you will need to establish keyword optimized titles that grab the attention of the reader. People are looking for information online and will pay attention to the material that fits their most urgent interests. Blogging This method of generating leads work well using text or videos. You can generate keyword optimized titles, generate leads to a sign up page or your home page. Blogging can speed up the traffic generation process if executed properly.

Pay Per Click ads I prefer to use PPC initially to test the effectiveness of keywords and keyword phrases. PPC ads must have a definite offer that appeals to the people who are searching for those keywords. Set up your campaign for a specified time period and evaluate your results regularly. Video Marketing One of the fastest growing tools in the web marketing mix is video clips and viral videos. The goal of these videos should be to drive traffic to your leads collection page. Because videos are a popular content source for search engines, they have greater value than most other forms of content online. Keep the headlines and the keywords consistent with your target audience. Social Network Sites If you have not signed up for the various social networks now is the time to get started. If you use email marketing to promote your products and services, you need to join one or more social network sites to get connected to your market.

These sites usually have groups that bond their members to a particular cause. You will have a chance to accumulate "friends". These friends can become partners, customers or useful contacts for your business. You can use these tools in combination and secure a stronger web presence in a short period of time. Create a plan and schedule your activities to meet marketing deadlines. You can pull your online business together to achieve your financial goals if you stick with a consistent plan of action.

There are hundreds of options to choose from when building web traffic. The ones you choose must meet your current goals. Use the tools that generate traffic that brings you a profit. I help business owners to generate traffic to meet their profit goals. Get my free guide to generating targeted traffic at


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