It is or atleast should be the ultimate goal of every webmaster to get to the number one spot on Google or at the very least in the top ten for their chosen keyword or keyword phrase. Any webmaster worth his salt will use every legimate technique to reach that goal and will endevour to keep that spot for as long as is possible.

Without these lucrative positions we will not get the holy grail of webmasters....traffic, we need traffic to look at our beautiful sites and to buy our products or we will fail, simple as that. The search engine bots or spiders are important for getting our sites ranked but, we must never forget that we must create content for real people, not for those spiders & bots, we need ourt visitors to like what they see and not only the looks.

I mentioned above about using legitimate methods to get our traffic and rankings, what do I mean by that? well we need to generate relevant content, we need to get backlinks from relevant other sites, many webmasters use a tactic called spamming to get these links, trust me on this, one thousand links from none relevant websites will not do you anywhere near as good as 2 or 3 links from an authority site in the same niche as your site is placed.

The site also need to be designed in such ways as to promote further investigation as to its content, the way visitors can move from page to page needs to be almost effortless and smooth. The colors you choose need to be easy on the eye and not hard to read, a black page with white writing may look stunning at first glance but try to read that white writing for any length of time and you will see what I mean, it is not comfortable at all. You will lose more visitors this way for sure.

If your site is informative, looks and feels the part then your visitors will promote it for you by word of mouth and I don't just mean that in the literal term, they will tell others on forums and om blog posts, this is the cream for you, look after your visitors and reap the rewards.

So what I am saying is create the site with the search engines in mind using proven SEO tactics but also make sure that once the search engines have done their job that your visitors like what is on offer in the way of really good content that is relevant to what they came for.

I wish you every success with your websites and if you wish more information then please visit one of mine

Good Luck
Paul Kirk


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