Getting visitors to your site means exposure for your products and/or services that you promote online. This can prove to be quite a challenge especially for newbies.
After reading the complete article you will begin getting targeted visitors and potential clients right away.
Read all the traffic generating methods listed below and then decide which ever works best for you. In some cases not all methods work for your situation.

After choosing the right method for you the key factor is persistence. Focus working on the method until it feels natural doing it. You will have sufficient experience to allow you to use other more difficult methods. In general one or two traffic generating methods will be more than enough to get your business going. However if you want or feel you need even more traffic then just go ahead and implement even more methods.

1. Traffic Stream: Advertising in Ezines

Here's where having an opt-in list pays off. If you have your own opt-in newsletter or a mailing list you can send a mail promoting your site/product or service by writing a short but informative ad. To achieve even better results you can rewrite that ad and send it again with a different title. But don't overdo this as some people might call it spam, and you need to avoid that.

A great way to repeat an ad in a second mail is to write a confirmation mail. Example:
"[NAME] did you check our latest product? .." .

Don't have an email list yet? Don't worry! You can build an email list in no time with the proper technique. Check for more information on how to build a huge mailing list in a very short time span.
Another alternative would be to pay a very small sum of money to advertise on other peoples mailing lists. It's a win win situation. You might encounter ezine publishers that require you to make the ad of a certain length. Don't worry about this. In case you can't make your ad smaller just talk with them and they will bend their rule.

2. Advertising on Websites

If you have a website that is in any way related to the niche of your product/service that you are promoting then by all means put some banners or links on the site. You could have a turnkey site, or content site. It can be a blog or an article directory but it doesn't matter. Advertising on a website always pays off. Some people even consider making websites from scratch and paying people to write content so that in time they will get more people interested in that site and they always advertise their related products which make them lots of money.

3. Investing money in Pay Per Click Advertising

The top search engines like , yahoo or msn as well as many others get huge traffic. You might not have your website listed on the first page for a particular search term but most times you could buy a top spot in the results at a low cost per click. Advertising in pay per click is a great way to deliver targeted traffic to your site.

To start with this method I suggest you try Google Adwords. Take the google adwords tour now!

4. Use forums and Message Boards

Nowadays all is about communities of people interacting and helping each other. They gather in places called forums where they start topics and reply to other peoples topics. When responding or stating your own message in a forum, your post will have a small text at the end. This is called a signature. You can edit that signature and put an ad for your product or service. All it remains it to be an active member in the community and try to help others. You will get respected by others and in time you will see good results.

Don't join a forum just to make a topic about your product. This usually doesn't get good results and it is often seen as spam. People just hate that. Instead try joining multiple forums related to your service/product niche. Be active in all of them and don't forget to set the signature with your ad as soon as you can.

5. Using a signature in emails

A signature is a very powerful thing. You can write anything you like in it but most of times you would be interested in writing a catchy ad. Try to make it brief though as no one likes a huge signature.

If you use Outlook Express to send emails then attaching a signature to all your emails is very easy. Just follow these steps.

[1] Open your mailing software: Outlook express
[2] Go to Tools -> Options and select Signatures
[3] Next to Signature you will see a button: New. Click it.
[4] Enter your signature in the box you see and then Apply the signature.

6. Submitting articles

Another way to get traffic especially in the long run is to write quality articles related to your niche and add your ad in the article resource box. You can then submit variations of your article to ezine publishers. The internet is full of article directories and by publishing an article in such sites you will give reprint rights to anyone. Just make sure that you specify that the resource box must stay intact if the article is reprinted.


In the next part I will offer another 4 great methods to unleash targeted traffic for your product and/or service. Check back soon!


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