Publishing video marketing content regularly on the internet will allow to drive a continuous stream of customers to your website to promote the product or service you are offering.

Video marketing is far more influential than all other methods of marketing content and to a greater extent more effective.

There are many different ways to make a very powerful video, but what you really want to focus on is educating the viewer about exactly what it is you are promoting. Your videos should contain a lot of useful knowledge that will leave those who watch it desiring more. "How to videos" are the best ones to make no matter what market niche you are in, because they allow you to actually help people who will in turn follow the website that you recommend. A website called Expert Village that contains amazing "how to videos" will give you a remarkable amount of insight on concepts you can apply in creating your own "how to videos".

The first step that you should complete when creating a video is to do a video analysis. This can be done easily by searching on Youtube, which is the leader and most popular among online video sharing sites. Search for the topic that you intend on creating a video on, make notes on the videos that have a high number of views and establish common key elements about these videos that cause them to do very well.

In searching for videos that drive the most traffic to websites you need to go after the videos with the latest trends. To do this you can use a website called Technorati under the sub-categories /pop/YouTube, which will give you information about the videos that are linked to the most number of blogs.

You can also use sources like Viral Videos, which will pull all the videos that arouse the most intense interest, excitement or controversy from websites like YouTube, Metacafe, Myspace, Yahoo, Google etc. This free tool is really great in that it allows you to immediately see all the top videos across multiple websites.

Even if you are unable to locate videos in your market that's okay because what you want to do is follow all the top video trends on the internet for inspiration then generate a huge list of video concept ideas that you can use to market your own product.

Google is now indexing videos directly from Google Video and even YouTube and inputting them into the search results. The key to extracting a lot of target customers is getting your video to show up using search engine optimization techniques. This can be done by building a keyword list and having primary keywords showing up early and often in the content of your video included in the title, description, filename and video tags.

Once you have created your video content you need to figure out the most appropriate places to distribute it, since with video marketing popularity is key. One way to do this is to view the statistics and data of the most viewed videos on YouTube, view exactly what websites link to these videos, and request those websites to link to your video also. This is a free method that will generate tons of traffic while dramatically increasing your income as well.

In addition, there are several video sites that you can upload your video to and these include YouTube, Metacafe, Expert Village, Viddler, Vimeo, Video Post Robot and many more that can be found by doing a Google search.

Did you find this article helpful? If you did then take a look at the step by step video tutorials here!


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