Web design is an important part of web site creation. In the past 10 years we witnessed a rapid increase in the number of people who belong to the cyber community, and due to this rapid increase web design became the most prevailing and powerful instrument in the process of web site development. Notice that in this modern era the nice and stylish web sites are visited more frequently than the ones that are simple in nature. If you want to check the quality of your web site design, then we recommend you to look at the number of visitors that come back to your site. This figure will surely tell you if your webdesign is ok or not. Whenever you notice that the number of visitors on your web site decreases, you should step forward for re-design, change, developing and adding new items to ensure that natural traffic will increase over time.

When you go with a new web site design take the following into consideration: the model of your website (also known as the layout) should look good and user-friendly, you should select an easily readable font, understandable and logical. While designing a web site you should keep in mind that users are attracted by more than just a nice design. Words play an important part too. Be careful how you choose your words and what is your general writing style as content usually attracts more visitors. All the content should relate to the web site general theme and you need to avoid linking to irrelevant web sites. There's nothing worse than those web sites that link to casino sites or other non-related sites to the main site's general niche. There are some sites which are designed very well, but because they have lots of information on them like images, web links, movie clips etc each page takes forever to load and that is the major drawback for any good quality website.

Most web designers like to use video tutorials, audio, textual graphics, graphs, high resolution pictures, but all such complex effects can even slow down the speed of the visitors PC. Designers should avoid using multiple frames in an application. One important issue that needs to be addressed is the display resolution. Because some designs look good in specific resolution only and give very bad impact if open in other resolution setting, you should always check to see if your website is one of those sites. The style with vertical or horizontal bars should also be applied in a good manner and a designer needs to avoid using vertical and horizontal bars on the same page, because it is inconvenient to handle both bars together. Some web site hosts are keen to add advertisement on their sites but sometimes they may create a hurdle in conveying a message because of attractive, too big, eye-catching ads that will divert visitors from the site. Jumping pop-ups some time disturb visitors. I have met many people that just hate pop-ups. So my advice is to be careful when selecting your ads and try to stay away from using jumping pop-ups on a web page.

A well reputed professional designer always arranges links and tabs professionally. When links, tabs and images are positioned properly a user will pay more attention to the content on the site. The information placed on the web site should be clear and brief, verified, and logical. Proofreading is an essential element in web design because any grammar or typographical errors send a very bad message to the site's visitors.

The main purpose of creating a web site is to convey your message to the web site visitors; it can only be achieved if your web site provides both quality and quantity of content. If you are getting inquiry letters, orders(in case you sell a product/service) and comments from your visitors then you should know that your desired message was conveyed successfully.


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