There are known to be two ways to make money, the right way and the wrong way. These apply to any domain including when making money with YouTube. Almost all the countries in the world are fighting against economic issues and due to this reason business men and common people are facing difficulties when trying to cope with their routine expenses. Now there is hope for such people in terms of video marketing; with the proper use of video marketing you can easily convey your message worldwide at no cost. In this field, the website is considered to be a very powerful weapon that can help almost anyone accomplish their goals through video marketing.

    Many people thing that there is only one way to earn money from YouTube and that is by getting a lot of video views. Some websites are offering various packages with video views but buying such services or packages will only make your video popular on YouTube and nothing more. Video views provided by different websites are fake, hence fake views canít help you in increasing your sales. If you are found to be involved in such activities, YouTube can get your account suspended because such activities are against their policies and procedures.

    You are advised, not to involve yourself in such activities. You must try to increase your credibility and reputation and be aware of such scammers. Because there are many scammers out there tricking new internet users. Normally newcomers are in search of an online business where they can earn money in order to be able to pay real life expenses.

    For your online business, getting channel views is much better than getting video views. You will update your channel and Youtube profile with a link to your site and in no time you will have a decent income from the business you are promoting. You can tell people about your business and yourself by using it as a landing page. You will notice that this is a very useful marketing technique, because when you are using a personalized channel page people begin to trust you more.

    You can use a YouTube channel as your own personal website. This allows you to present your marketing message to the world for FREE. People use it to generate leads and traffic to their own main websites, where people can find products or services. Leads and traffic are directly proportionate to earning money on the internet through sales. You will also find this to be an effective way of building a list of loyal customers.

    It is enough to make small efforts in finding the right way to market your product online and you will find YouTube to be an effective tool to make more money online. You can use the money you make to meet your basic needs like paying electricity bills, food and transportation expenses.


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